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Essure consultation #2!

So I went and had my Essure Consultation v.2.0 today. He wanted to make sure that we both (him and I) understood and were okay with the idea that I could change my mind. Lots of things happen in life and my philosophies could change, just so that I'm okay with that. There is no turning back. Oh yes, doc, I'm QUITE sure. And if I do change my mind? I'll consider adoption or fostering so that I can help out existing people rather than create more.

He's never done it on a 23 year old before, and never on a nulliparous woman. Oooooh goodie, I get to be his guinea pig! I have no qualms about that. And hey if you can't get it in there, sure go ahead and stick a paraguard in there (even though I really don't like the idea of IUDs). But you'd better try your damnedest to get it right the first time.

Sooooo I came away with consent forms, and prescriptions for the cervix-softening pills and Valium. He said that he doesn't usually use the cervix softening stuff, but since I haven't had kids then it might be a good idea (I actually brought it up before he did!). Ladies and gents, we could be looking at an IN-ZARKING-OFFICE procedure as soon as March 9th!

He asked me if I'd talked about it with anyone else before, and I told him about the previous consultation. Just as I suspected, he seemed genuinely shocked that Dr. A-hole refused to do it on me without being put under, and definitely raised his eyebrows when I mentioned the women supposedly screaming in pain. He seemed a lot more confident in his abilities than the other guy.

Woop woop! *cheers*
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