Laika Rising (sunlit_window) wrote in human_sexuality,
Laika Rising

Knowing Your Partner's Status

I have slept with a lot of people, both men and women. So has my partner.
I always made sure to ask the person that I was with if they were STI/STD free, but always used condoms anyway.
I got tested on a regular basis and the etcetera.
Before my partner and I slept together, he wanted everything on paper. So we went together to get tested and basically said, "here ya go."

On to the questions! (lots):

For those of you who do or have engaged in casual sex, do you (or did you) ask the other person's status?

Before or after?

Did it feel awkward for you?

If they said, "I am STI/D free", did you trust them?
Does this statement make a difference either way?

I mean, it makes a difference if they say, "I have something", but just about anyone can say, "No, I do not have something."

Have you ever required 'everything on paper' before sleeping with someone?

How did they react to this?
Tags: herpes, hiv/aids, stds
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